Reverse Engineering

Synergy Undercarriage provide full reverse engineering capabilities utilising the latest portable scanning equipment.

We are able to manufacture any mining size machine shoe or drive sprocket / tumbler, so if you can’t find your requirement in our product list please contact us to discuss your requirement.

Induction Hardening

With over 1.3 MW of total hardening power supporting multiple purposely designed and built multi- axis hardening machines utilising the latest state of the art induction equipment in both Synergy’s Perth and Malaysian facilities, we guarantee total process control and consistency.

From simple products such are pins and bushes to highly complex drive tumblers, sprockets and large track shoes where multiple areas of the parts are hardened to a case depth that will ensure quality and consistency that combined with the core alloy properties will meet the quality requirements demanded of the components in all conditions.

Our highly qualified in house process and induction tooling design and manufacture team puts us at Forefront of industry technology leaders.

Undercarriage Audits

Not sure how much life is left in your current undercarriage?

Synergy Undercarriage can provide an assessment for you. Contact us to discuss your requirement.

Undercarriage Wear

Synergy Undercarriage provides wear monitoring and reporting for all our customers to suit your requirements.