Hitachi crawler shoes

To address specific short comings in the OEM design, all shoes across our Hitachi range have been significantly modified internally. Our Heavy Duty range provides greater roller path strength, increased case hardened depth and resistance to rock puncture of the bottom plate, significantly increasing service life. Our retainer bolts are also specifically designed to reduce pin float as well.

We also manufacture and supply drive tumblers to suit 5600 / 5500, 3600 and 2500/2600 machines.

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Our features

We are exclusive distributor  for Yoonsteel. Yoonsteel operates 3 world-class, fully equipped foundries utilising the latest modelling software, state of the art moulding media and induction melting furnaces.

Quality Assured

Synergy Undercarriage Components is committed to delivering engineering design solutions, supply and condition monitoring of undercarriage components for mining size hydraulic excavators and electric rope shovels to a standard that meets or exceeds the requirements and expectations of our customers and all applicable statutory and regulatory requirements. READ MORE

Induction Hardening

With over 1.3 MW of total hardening power supporting multiple purposely designed and built multi- axis hardening machines utilising the latest state of the art induction equipment in both Synergy’s Perth and Malaysian facilities, we guarantee total process control and consistency. READ MORE

Application Specific Alloys

Together with Yoonsteel, we have developed a range of modified high strength alloy steels that are heat treated to provide superior tensile, impact and elongation properties. This enables us to select and provide innovative materials for both hot and cold operating environments.

Application Specific Warranties

With well in excess of 300 Yoonsteel manufactured track sets supplied throughout the world in some of the most extreme and arduous conditions mining can present, we have developed a unique understanding of what our tracks can withstand. Once we have a thorough understanding of your specific conditions and operating parameters we are able to offer what our customers consider to be industry best warranty.

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